Where were you when...

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Where were you when...

Post by Ponyguy » September 11th, 2019, 1:52 am

...the world stopped turning?

I had just returned home from a couple of weeks in the hospital (UIC Hospital, Chicago) where they implanted steel rods to stabilize my spine. I was lying on the sofa, waiting for the Therapist nurse to arrive; when she came in, her face was ashen... I asked her "What's the matter?" She said "We're at war!" I said "With who?" She told me to turn on my TV, while she worked on my back...
I was just sick with anger and frustration... Pissed off about the illegitimates who pulled off the attack, and having just returned home from surgery, I could do absolutely NOTHING. No blood donation, nothing. Lie in bed, watch TV and pray that it was a daytime nightmare. :mad:

Where were you?



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Re: Where were you when...

Post by CrownBen » September 11th, 2019, 11:10 am

Waking up for class. Heard something on the radio, didn't think much of it at first. Then clicked on the TV and realized this was big.
The first plan had already hit, and had a sinking feeling something else would happen. Sadly, that was confirmed as I was making breakfast.

Went to class, everybody (instructors included) tried to stay on task as best we could. On break, went into the cafeteria/rec room which was usually buzzing with activity- dead silent, everyone around the TV. Definitely eerie. Knew a few people that got busy stocking up their personal arsenals. Weeks later, I'm standing outside with some friends and one says "It's weird not seeing any planes in the sky." I hadn't really noticed- never really noticed them in the first place, proably owing to growing up in a suburban area, with all the light pollution makes it hard to see anything in the sky. Out in a rural area, though, guess one would notice those things.
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